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Erwin Wurm

(03)Outdoor Sculpture#BC600
“Outdoor Sculpture, Taipei” 2000

“The artist is perhaps best known for his ongoing “Do It Yourself” and “One Minute Sculpture” series (begun in 1996 and ’98, respectively). These consist of written instructions and diagrams and any props needed to carry them out, such as “show your tongue,” “lie on the balls–no part of the body should touch the ground,” and “put the felt markers on top of your shoes, hold this for one minute and think of Rene Descartes….” (read article)



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Janine Antoni

[44k image]
“Ingrown,” 1998, C-print (more…)

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Iraqi civilian gun trucks

An amazing collection of photos of standard trucks and cars that have been modified for the Iraq war by both the Iraqi police and civilian contractors. Like fortified mini-tanks, these improvised units become interesting examples of connecting and rehabbing disparate objects for new purposes. (more…)

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Chimeras, past and present

In Greek mythology, the Chimera (or, as in Latin, Chimaera) is a monstrous creature made of the parts of multiple animals.

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“Back in 1997, a rather bizarre photograph suddenly became very famous. It showed a totally hairless mouse, with what appeared to be a human ear growing out of its back.  (more…)

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Hyperbolic Space Crochet Models

crochet model of hyperbolic plane

“In 1997 Cornell University mathematician Daina Taimina finally worked out how to make a physical model of hyperbolic space that allows us to feel, and to tactilely explore, the properties of this unique geometry. The method she used was crochet. (link to article)

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crochet: endless connections

Crochet is a highly adaptable and usually overlooked medium–using a single yarn and a single hook (as opposed to knitting, which uses two needles), crochet can go freeform to create lacey patterns, jumbly to make abstract shapes, and also connect individual items together in a “net” of stitches. It’s possible to crochet with wire, raffia, rope, and other single-stranded items. Try electrical wiring or even extension cords…

symbol crochet how to 1

a fancy crochet pattern showing stitching symbols

crocheted lace

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duct tape

For some reason people like to go crazy with duct tape, making everything from clothing, bags, wallets, etc. out of it. The combination of strength and pliability makes it incredibly useful and versatile…Yes, that’s a duct tape truck above. (more…)

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