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August 28, 2006 at 6:10 pm

Located on the San Francisco campus, the New Materials Resource Center (formerly the New Materials Reference Library) offers a comprehensive, interdisciplinary collection of samples. It is the only resource center of its kind at an art school.If you’re on the CCA campus, you can search the New Materials database via this link.

Accessing the Resource Center

The resource center is located at 1111 Eighth Street. For hours of operation and other information, call 415.551.9266 or email During the school year, Matt Snyder serves as the collection archivist.

CCA students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors enjoy free access to the resource center.

A Comprehensive Collection

The resource center’s display racks hold colorful tufts of synthetic fur, futuristic-looking aluminum foam, and a host of other new and unusual materials.

The collection currently includes over eighteen hundred samples, cataloged in a database searchable by properties, usage, or manufacturer.

The resource center is meant to inspire designers to focus on the materiality of things, rather than on obvious practical applications. For example, the resource center contains a sample of woven polypropylene. It’s a mist eliminator screen, with applications for projects such as greenhouse design—but in basic black, it’s also something that might spark a fashion designer’s imagination.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The resource center has a special interest in eco-friendly materials such as Phenix Biocomposites’ Environ, a composite designed for use in countertops; it looks like stone but is actually made of compressed newspaper.


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