Nancy Rubins

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“Table and Airplane Parts,” 1993

“Pleasure Point,” ongoing installation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

in-progress with scaffolding

“Small Forest,” 2004. Stainless steel and airplane parts

“Small Forest I & II,” 2004. Stainless steel and airplane parts

“Drawing,” 2005, pencil on paper, 131″ x 114″


Art in America: “Nancy Rubins, Transient Monuments,” by Michael Duncan, April 1995

“In her attention-grabbing sculptures, Nancy Rubins achieves an unexpected monumentality with such gnarly mediums as wrecked airplane parts, derelict mobile homes, discarded appliances and trussed mattresses stuffed with gooey, rotting cakes. Beyond the poetic associations of their odd materials, critics have seen the sculptures as social commentary on topics ranging from environmental pollution to sexual abuse and eating disorders. Such far-flung interpretations, however, only scratch the surface of Rubins’s much broader enterprise. The ephemeral nature of her sculptures makes each piece a theatrical event with a full range of emotional, narrative and conceptual elements concurrently at work. In 1991 Rubins attracted wide notice with her towering 65-foot piece Trailers and Hot Water Heaters, which physically dominated the LA. Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibition “Helter Skelter.” A cluster of over 40 water heaters nestled amid a pile of mobile homes, it filled the grandscale Temporary Contemporary to the rafters with its massive, insouciant presence…”


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