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Welcome to the class website! I will be posting updates weekly, and adding new topics and examples of interesting things for you to consider. This site is a resource to get your juices flowing and come to terms with the myriad ways in which materials and concepts can be pulled together to create meaning and metaphor. I welcome comments, suggestions, and feedback on the content and hope everyone can contribute their own info to this archive during the semester (more on this later). This is an archive-in-progress and is by no means complete, but a start at creating conversation points and spurring your own investigation. Currently, there are fifty entries to browse, with lots of images.

How to navigate: This site is built as a blog, so those of you familiar with standard blogs will pick it up easily. You can browse the content in several ways:

  1. Scroll directly down the page to read entries. Recent ones are at the top, and older ones are at the end
  2. Choose a “category” at the right-hand column to get specific information
  3. Get class information, syllabus, and contact information at the top navigation bar
  4. Check out the art-related “links” also at the right-hand column to view other sites of interest, but aren’t necessarily related to the class content

NOTE: Each entry has a “more” link, that if clicked, will take you to a more extensive write-up complete with further images and informative links. Don’t forget to access these! Also, if scrolling down a page, click on the “previous entries” link to see older posts.

I’ll be showing my own work sometime during the semester, but if you are interested now you can view it at my website:

Looking forward to working with all of you this semester!


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An online collection of links and resources related to the CCA Connections class. Please peruse, comment on, and make your own connections!

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